While our milk products and ice cream are in the spotlight at the Creamery, we also carry products from other vendors of different types. Need something for dinner? Try some beef from our local vendor. In the mood for a snack? Take home some of our locally made cheese curds or an elk stick. Looking for a gift for a friend? Check out our locally made goat milk soap and jewelry. Have a friend that loves canned vegetables or fruit? Take him or her a jar or two of locally made jams, jellies, honey, or pickled okra. The choices are endless and you will have fun looking!

Below you can find more information on the vendors whose products are currently available in our Creamery.


English Farmstead Cheese – Marion, NC
English Farmstead produces farm fresh cheese curds that we keep in the store regularly. Fantastic fried or by themselves, you will not be disappointed by their flavor! English Farmstead delivers freshly made cheese curds every week on Thursdays.

Sweetwater Valley Farm – Philadelphia, TN
Sweetwater Valley Farm produces a wide selection of flavored cheeses with a cheddar base. We regularly carry a large selection of these cheeses with flavors such as Roasted Garlic Pepper, Tomato Herb, Fiery Fiesta, Buttermilk, Onion and Chives, Pimento, and Jalapeno. We also carry Sharp White and Yellow Cheddar.


Hickory Nut Gap Meats – Fairview, NC
Hickory Nut Gap is a local purveyor of 100% grassfed beef, pasture raised pork, and pasture raised chicken. Their farm in Fairview, NC is open to the public year-round and offers fresh meats, and is open for lunch. We are pleased to carry Hickory Nut Gap’s grassfed ground beef, pork sausage, and other products.

Le Gourmet Connection – Lebanon, TN
Specializing in gourmet meats, cheeses, sauces, desserts and snack items, these folks have a reputation for delicious foods. We are carrying several Le Gourmet Connection snacks, including summer sausages, elk salami, and beef and elk sticks.

Canned and Sealed

Biscuithead – Asheville, NC
Biscuithead has made a name for itself in the area for its delicious breakfast foods, and now the company has expanded by offering their own homemade jams, jellies and sauces. We carry a number of their products, including, but not limited to, Biscuithead’s Blackberry Jam and Chili Mango.